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About me

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 I’ll keep your memories …

“Capturing Timeless Memories Across Europe: Your Story, Our Lens 🎥✨

Hello, I’m Sergei (Deluxe Film) a passionate videographer based in Prague, Czechia, with a heart that beats for filming extraordinary moments. My lens doesn’t just capture memories; it weaves them into a tapestry of emotion and grandeur. I specialize in destination videography, bringing your love story to life in the most enchanting locations across Europe.

🌍 Destinations of Delight:
From the charming streets of Prague, the romantic allure of Italy’s Lake Como, to the lavender fields of Provence and the sun-kissed coasts of Spain – I’ve traversed the landscapes that paint the perfect backdrop for your special moments. Whether it’s the historic Pruhonice Castle, the royal beauty of Vrtbovsky Gardens, or the breathtaking Costa Brava in Spain, every frame is a masterpiece.

🎬 Deluxe Film Experience:
Deluxe Film is not just about capturing emotions; it’s about encapsulating the true essence and magnificence of moments that reflect your individuality and style. It’s about crafting cinematic stories that rival events featuring Monatik, Elka, Bilan, and other renowned personalities. As a dedicated videographer, I’ve been the main videographer for the Wedding Workshop Europe project from 2016 to 2018 and a proud partner of the ‘Event’ business forum for wedding professionals in Moscow in 2017.

🎥 On-Location Mastery:
Specializing in on-location videography, I bring a cinematic touch to every setting – be it an intimate private party, a grand wedding celebration, or a corporate event. Each shot is a work of art, and every video becomes a living chapter of your life’s most cherished moments.

Let’s turn the pages of your life into a visual masterpiece. Book me as your videographer, and together, we’ll create a film that tells your story, capturing the magic of your love in the most stunning corners of Europe. ✨🎥 #DeluxeFilm #EuropeanVideographer #DestinationWedding #CinematicLoveStory”

…Let tell your story.

… … Only wedding videographers will keep your best memories of the one of the best day of life and help to remember this day.


On such a crucial day like a wedding, every bride wants everything to be perfect. It’s not always easy to achieve well-coordinated work of specialists, but, we make every effort so that the result meets all expectations!
Do not leave everything at the last moment and do not let it drift. This is your wedding and only you decide how and what will happen on this beautiful day.
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Why people should trust us

Brides feedback

This is not just a videographer, but our video God! Tarantino smokes on the sidelines! But seriously, Sergey, thank you so much, the video is unrealistically cool, we really experienced this day again, you caught all the important points, I generally keep quiet about the selection of music and editing, everything is just super !! you can be trusted with eyes closed! Thanks, once again to you the hugest !!! Brides and grooms go to Sergey!

Sergey! Andrey and I are delighted with our wedding film !! I watched it 200 times already and every time the trembling sneaks … so you conveyed our emotions))). You caught the best moments from a different angle !!! the video is really live… everything is I wanted – “Live Wedding”. It’s nice to work with you, it’s so easy that you immediately become a friend. It’s cool that you do not impose your ideas, but only slightly correct and adorn our inventions! Thank you so much! Your works are inspiring! We wish you creative growth and success !

Sergei! We want to say thanks for the excellent video. To be honest, very was worried. The video  is very important detail for us. It will remain for our memory, for all life and new generation. Our children will watch this video, and we hope great-grandchildren too. I was very worried about how it would turn out, but the result exceeded all expectations ! The video is so light, unobtrusive, with all the highlights and ideas captured. A special, thank you for music!  Sergey, we wish you creative inspirations, success and positive newlyweds 🙂 Thank you for living our day with us) Sincerely, Vasily and Julia.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for our wedding video! We were waiting for it with such impatience! We knew that you would do everything great but we were still worried. The movie is chic! It’s like we’ve lived this day all over again.
We have experienced bright impressions for life thanks to you and your professionalism. We  reviewed this film and the clip again and again, and each time we find something new, as first time. This clip is very gentle and reverent, I can not even believe that we are there))) In general, we are damn happy, thank you so much one more time!!!

Сolleagues feedback

Anton Dobrin (Concert Director)
It is always a pleasure to work with professionals, especially in the industry where we are. Working with people and organizing artists’ performances is always not an easy task, and when there are people in a team who clearly know their stuff, you are no longer worried about their work. Especially when the result of this work is 100% satisfying the desires of the customer.

Anton Ryabov (Presenter)
There are people-fans, from which energy is charged all around. Sergey is such a source of creative glow. I think he really loves his job, the result of his work always attracts the eye. Many times collaborated with Sergei and we are inevitably trapped Success! Keep it up)

Сергей Братков (Ведущий)
Серега убеждаюсь уже в который раз что ВСЁ что ты делаешь и чем занимаешься это правильное направление !!!! Это ещё один шедевр твоей плодотворной работы ! Просто блеск ты просто молодец и реальный профессионал ну и конечно романтик  ЕЩЁ РАЗ БРАВО ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО буду рад поработать с тобой ещё !

Влад Жестков (Ведущий)
Сережа ещё раз хочу сказать спасибо за видео. Всегда приятно работать с профессионалом, которому интересно не просто снять, но и вдонхнуть в видео немножко творчества! Ты знаешь…рекомендовал тебя своим клиентам и буду продолжать!

Макс (организатор)
Не раз работал в команде с Сергеем, удивительно-позитивный, интересный человек… Креатива в нём хватает и он умеет сделать конфетку из того, что снял! Вы можете доверить ему своё важное, семейное или корпоративное событие и вы останетесь довольны. Немало важным считаю его умение находить общий язык с любым, простота и лёгкость в общение. Он не сухой и скучный, он Живой и позитивный – это сделает Вашу работу с ним лёгкой с яркими эмоциями и действительно праздничным настроением!Рекомендую!

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About reservation

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  3. Once the details are confirmed, we’ll formalize the arrangement with a signed agreement, followed by the payment of a deposit.


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